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Gooby Comfort X Step-In Harness

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Combine comfort, style and safety when you secure your pup with a Comfort X Mesh dog harness from Gooby. This unique harness has everything you expect from a high-quality harness, packed into an unexpectedly comfortable package. With its V-neck opening, it focuses your dog's weight onto his chest—so, if he pulls, or simply walks faster than you do, nothing will tug his sensitive neck. He'll feel comforting pressure on his chest, instead! Plus, there's a micro-suede trimming around the entire harness to prevent uncomfortable rubbing, chafing and scratching. Instead of feeling restrained, he'll feel hugged—and, with you by his side, there's no safer place to be. This modern X design protects your sidekick from injuries while helping him to feel safe, secure and worthy of the runway.

Key Benefits

  • Crafted with care, and featuring micro-suede trimming, this harness cradles your dog comfortably and protects him from abrasion.
  • Made with lightweight mesh, it can be worn for extended amounts of time—such as during hikes, trips to the park and more.
  • V-neck opening allows your dog's weight to be evenly distributed around his chest, instead of focusing weight on his neck.
  • Stylish design comes in 6 different colors, so you can choose the look that suits your companion best.
  • Varied sizes ensure there's a comfort harness for almost every dog, from small to extra-large.